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Baltic seaside resort Binz

The pearl of the coast

A fine sandy beach, lively activity along the promenade, beautiful Bäder architecture and a wonderful landscape as far as the eye can see: The Baltic seaside resort Binz is famous for its scenic beauty and unique combination of natural and cultural splendour.

Situated in the southeast of the island of Rügen, Binz is nestled in a bay that is known as Prorer Wiek. While the beach and the sea are located on the east side of Binz, the Schmachter See can be found on its west side: this lake is especially beautiful for a relaxing evening stroll. To the north, you can explore the Schmale Heide (narrow heath), a tree-covered sand bar that connects the mainland of Rügen with the Jasmund peninsula. Southeast of Binz lies the Granitz, a densely forested area with heights just over 100m above sea level and romantic sites such as the Schwarzer See (black lake) and the Granitz Hunting Lodge. The beach in Binz is about five kilometres long, up to 50 metres wide and consists mainly of fine white sand. Only at its southern end (towards the Granitz), it becomes narrower and rockier. Most of the shops and restaurants in Binz are located on the beach promenade or in close vicinity to it. Bäder architecture, however, can be discovered and admired in many places.